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National Association of Memorial Masons
Register of Qualified Memorial Fixers

Applications for registration are now being accepted!

The National Association of Memorial Masons (NAMM) has introduced a registration scheme for nationally qualified memorial fixers/installers/erectors and memorial mason businesses. The Register is open to both members and non members of NAMM.

This Register is a a simple database of memorial fixers/installers/erectors who have proven competency to install a headstone and base to the required standard as detailed in the NAMM Code of Working Practice, this being demonstrated by achieving a nationally recognised qualification.

As from April 2016 all new RQMF Fixers will be required to pass the City & Guilds qualification 'Fixing Monoliths & Lawn Type Memorials to the NAMM Code of Working Practice'.


Please note that it is a requirement of business registration that at least one fixer is registered or listed by each business on the register.

For up to date News,Comments and Information on Training Courses please check the Feedback Forum section.

Why do Memorial Masons need to be Registerered?
  • Memorial Masons operating in Cemeteries/Churchyards and Burial places (both Burial Authority and Private) should be able to demonstrate that they have the proper training, certificates and accreditation for both businesses and fixers. Burial Authorities have the right to request proof of competence.
  • Memorial Masons should also have adequate insurance cover and offer a guarantee that their memorials are fixed in compliance with the current industry standard The NAMM Code Of Working Practice and British Standard BS 8415.
What is the NAMM Register of Qualified Memorial Fixers?

The NAMM Register of Qualified Memorial Fixers is a list of those businesses and persons engaged in the sale, supply, fixing and repair of memorials throughout the U.K.

The Register is independant of The National Association of Memorial Masons and is open to any business or person who meets the required critera for registration.

Who maintains the Register?

The National Association of Memorial Masons maintains the Register.

What information is kept on the Register?
  • Business names and contact details of companies or person/s engaged in the supply, fixing and repair of Memorial Masonry.
  • Confirmation that they have employee and public liability insurance cover.
  • Confirmation that they provide a Certificate of Compliance for each memorial fixed.
  • The names of those who hold a relevant qualification in Memorial Masonry Fixing.
  • Confirmation of the qualification/s held.
  • Confirmation of a risk assessment.
  • Confirmation of a Heath and Safety Policy document for those companies employing more than five people. (HSE legal requirement).
  • Written agreement that all work shall be carried out in accordance with the NAMM Code of Working Practice and to the British Standard BS8415.
  • Unique registration number for each Registered Business.
  • Unique registrtation number for each Regisistered Fixer.
Registration Cards

A registration card is also issued to each individual Memorial Fixer as proof of identity. The registration card carries the following information:

  • Name of the registered Fixer.
  • Their address and contact details.
  • If employed, their employer’s details.
  • Unique Registration Number.
  • Photograph.
  • List of qualifications.
What is the criteria required to join the scheme?

A company or individual engaged in the supply, sale, fixing or repair of Memorial Masonry shall have to satisfy the following requirements:

At least one qualified fixer must be employed or listed by each business.

  • The company or self-employed person:
    • Shall submit to the Registrar the information required to complete the aforementioned list.
    • Update and confirm these details on an annual basis.
  • The individual:
    • An individual or their company shall submit to the Registrar, details of those who hold the relevant award, to be included on the list of registered memorial fixers.
    • Copy of the award certificate for each person can then be checked with each awarding body to have it validated.

The register shall only recognize Nationally Accredited Qualifications awarded by recognized National Awarding Bodies such as City and Guilds NPTC, S/NVQ awarding centres etc who are registered with QCF or SQA.

  • The NAMM Fixing a memorial to the Code of Working Practice City and Guilds Accredited award.
  • “Any recognized Stonemasonry fixing qualification” E.g. The S/NVQ unit QCF194 “Fix and Secure Memorial Masonry” or equivalent)
  • The QCF194 is a single unit of the S/NVQ Stonemasonry level 2 award which is recognized throughout the U.K.


The Burial Authority or Cemetery Operators

Burial Authorities shall not be required to Register with NAMM or the NAMM Registration Scheme. All that is required is that a Burial Authority acknowledges the NAMM register and those holding a NAMM registration card.

The NAMM registration  scheme is not intended to replace existing individual Local Authority Memorial Mason registration schemes. It may be advisable however, to make being on the Register a requirement of joining your local registration scheme, or being registered with the NAMM scheme a requirement before a permit to erect a memorial is issued

If a Local Authority does not have a Memorial Mason fixer registration scheme then the NAMM Register can be used as their own registration scheme.

The scheme is intended to be no more than a simple register of competent Memorial Fixers.

The NAMM Annual Fixer Assessment Scheme

NAMM acknowledge that not all Burial Authorities may have the manpower or recources to police the Memorial Masons registered and working within their jurisdiction.

NAMM with its network of City and Guilds NPTC assessors offer to carry out at least one annual spot check of all RQMF Memorial Masons/fixers working within in a Burial Authority area as chargable service to the Burial Authority.

The NAMM assessors will carry out spot checks on Memorial Masons/fixers and submit a report to NAMM HQ, who shall forward the reports to the relevant Burial Authority on an annual basis. Any registered Memorial Masons found not to be fixing to the current NAMM Code of Working Practice specifications shall be subject to a disciplinary procedure as detailed in the RQMF protocol.

The cost of this service shall be calculated depending on the number of Memorial Masons registered within a Burial Authority area.

Memorial Masons working in an area where a Burial Authority signs up for The NAMM Annual Fixer Assessment scheme shall be notified that the scheme is being enforced in their area.

NAMM shall issue all registered fixers in an area where the Annual Fixer assessment scheme is in force with an information leaflet on how the scheme operates and how it shall affect them.

The annual spot check shall be in the form of a visit from a NAMM City and Guilds NPTC assessor who shall observe a memorial being fixed by a registered fixer. The memorial must be fixed using one of the methods specified in the NAMM Code of Working practice and be fixed to the required standard. The assessor shall arrange to carry out the check and give at least forty eight hours notice to the Memorial Mason of a spot check.

As part of the RQMF scheme NAMM inspectors shall continue to carry out random inspections of registered fixers whether a burial authority has taken up the annual inspection scheme or not, these inspections shall NOT be charged and are offered as part of the compliance and regulation requirements of the scheme.

For further information or to receive a quotation please contact The NAMM Business Development Officer at NAMM Head Office.










What happens if a company or individual Memorial Fixer does not comply with the required standard?

It is recommended that all Burial Authorities carry out spot-checking of memorials at the time of installation. This procedure should be carried out at random and those carrying out the inspections should be trained in memorial fixing and have a comprehensive knowledge of the NAMM Code of Working Practice.

Where Burial Authorities do not have the staff or resources to monitor compliance or ‘police’ standards, NAMM will be offering a cost effective service to periodically undertake observation and assessment of all fixers at the time of installation of a headstone and base.

The Registrar of the Register will be responsible for ensuring compliance and maintenance of the standards required in order for a business or mason fixer/installer/erector to be registered.

The discipinary procedure is explained in the Protocol section of the website.

Basically, in the event of a complaint of non-compliance in the erection of a headstone and base, the Registrar will obtain details from both the mason fixer and the Burial Authority.

If the complaint is upheld, the mason fixer will be requested to re-erect the headstone and base while being observed by a NAMM Assessor.  Advice and explanation as to where the erection was at fault will be offered to the mason fixer and the memorial will be signed off as erected to the standard on completion.  The mason fixer will be asked to sign that he has understood the correct procedure to erect, and that these standards will be maintained in future.

The object of this approach is to encourage best practice by advice and support, rather than harsh discipline from the start.

However, if a further complaint is received against the same mason fixer within one year, he will be expected to undertake further training, followed by an assessment, in order to remain on the Register.

A third complaint received against the same mason fixer or business within one year may result in the mason fixer/business being removed from the Register.

How to contact us

The Registrar

The NAMM Register of Qualified Memorial Fixers
1 Castle Mews
CV21 2XL

Tel: 01788 542264

For further information with regard to the Industry standard the NAMM Code of Working Practice or the British Standard BS: 8415

Please see the FAQ section which describes the function of the NAMM Code of Working Practice and its relationship with BS 8415 or contact:

The National Association of Memorial Masons
1 Castle Mews, Rugby
Warwickshire. CV21 2XL
Tel: 01788 542264

Memorial Safety Inspectors and Assessors

NAMM in conjunction with City and Guilds have created an accredited award for the Safety Inspection and Assessment of Memorials.

The award is based upon the Ministry of Justice Guidelines on the Safety Inspection and Assessment of Memorials and requires the candidate to undertake a full day training course before becoming eligible to be assessed.

The assessments are carried out by a City and Guilds qualified assessor and  those who attain the award are also placed on the NAMM Register of Memorial Safety Inspectors and Assessors.

For further information on this award contact NAMM Headquarters.

The National Association of Memorial Masons
1 Castle Mews
Warwickshire CV21 2XL
Tel: 01788 542264
Fax: 01788 542276